Are you reading this on your phone? We know that you often work on-the-go and your mobile device is your computer, assistant and more, when you’re not at your desk! That’s why we highly encourage you download the Teams mobile app.

There are many reasons to love Teams mobile:

  • On Teams mobile, you can set “Quiet Hours” and “Quiet Days – this feature helps you take control over your after-work time.
  • You can present PowerPoint slides, videos, photos, or even share your phone screen to show someone exactly what you are looking at on your phone.
  • Transfer a call from your PC to your mobile device (or vice versa) without interrupting the flow of your meeting, so you can finish your work while also getting where you need to go.

Check out some more reasons at 10 Things We Love about the Teams Mobile App and download Teams mobile on your IOS or Android device.