Your eMarketing team is hosting a series of in-person and online workshops this month to help you build your business. In-person workshops vary on location so please see below.  Register by visiting Desk and choosing the SalesPro tile.

New Agent Tech Lab
Tuesday, August 6th – 6pm
CityPlace 3 | 2nd Floor Training Room

InTouch (Website Buttons)
Thursday, August 15th – 6pm

Facebook (Creating a Facebook Business Page)
Thursday, August 22nd – 2pm

Editing Video on iPhone
Wednesday, August 28th – 3pm
2458 Old Dorsett Rd. | 1st Floor Training Room

Check out the June eMarketing results below. Don’t forget, you may also reach out to Adam Clarke, or Nicole Connor to schedule a one-on-one eMarketing session.  In these sessions, they can assist you with a variety of topics.