Prospect Square, available via Desk, is an extremely powerful business-building tool. You may already be using Prospect Square for Quarterly, Area, and Market Reports. Coming soon, Prospect Square will be even more valuable with Listing Concierge. That’s why we’re making it easy to get your contacts into Prospect Square – in fact, we’ll do it for you.

Starting on Tuesday, September 10, we’ll have lots of opportunities available for you to have your contacts uploaded into Prospect Square. There are sign-up sheets available in your office now. But if you’d rather not wait until we’re at your office, you can join us at the North Hills office all day on Tuesday, September 10. All day long we’ll be getting your contacts set up in Prospect Square so you can take advantage of this powerful tool – both for Quarterly, Area, and Market Reports AND for all the advantages of Listing Concierge!