Now more than ever, your clients need you as their Trusted Advisor. To assist you in promoting your exceptional real estate knowledge and experience, we have created a Trusted Advisor campaign to keep you top of mind with your SOI and clients.

This campaign will be uploaded into New Panda and scheduled to send every Friday for the next 4 weeks, starting this Friday, the 27th. Additionally, you can use the images and verbiage to share on your social pages or to utilize in any other Keep In Touch program you use in your business.

If you already have something in place and want to opt out of this campaign, please contact your eMarketing coordinator by 4pm on Thursday, the 26th.

Below are the images that will be used in the campaign, in order. The full plan, including verbiage, is attached here for you to review (they will have the appropriate company dba)

Please contact your eMarketing coordinator if you have any questions.