Two initiatives starting this month will enhance communication to and from agents and increase efficiencies.

Commission Payment Statement

What is it? A newly designed, easy to read Commission Payment Statement which contains the Transaction Information, Payment Details and a Year-to-Date Summary.

Why are we doing it? Currently when an agent closes a transaction they receive notification with very little and sometimes confusing payment information.  Based on feedback from Agents around the country NRT has developed a newly designed Commission Payment Statement which will help them better understand the financial details of your transactions


  • The new Commission Payment Statement helps an agent track their transaction details.
  • Keeps an agent apprised of their year to date business which helps them track their awards levels.
  • Sent directly to the agent so they don’t have to search for the information.

Timeline:  Will be sent to the agent company email with each closing they have beginning March 11

Listing/Sales Information Cover Sheet

What is it? A newly created one-page form for agents to collect all pertinent transaction details.

Why are we doing it? Providing clear and easy to understand transaction details is paramount in processing agent deals in a fast and efficient manner.  With the New Listing/Sales Information Cover Sheet, agents will be able to gather the most relevant and complete data about each transaction file in one place allowing those who process agents deals to do so in a more efficient and timely manner.

Benefits: (Is it easier for agents?)

  • Assists the company in processing listings, contracts and closings as efficiently as possible and with minimal errors.
  • Information is more clearly documented, eliminating mistakes which in turn helps get you paid faster

Timeline: The Listing/Sales Information Cover Sheet will be in Dotloop beginning March 20th (KT), March 21st (WS)