Sterling Club is this year’s recognition-based initiative to celebrate and reward agents who have achieved their 18th closing during the calendar year 2018. Events are planned for each quarter so watch for your invitations for the Gala which will be held in 2019! Please contact with any questions.

Congratulations to the following agents who have qualified for 2018 Sterling Club membership since our last update:


Zack Tominack, New Albany/Gahanna

Rami Tamimi, Metro

Betsy Neidenthal, New Albany/Gahanna

David Ludwig, Polaris Regional

Valerie Langhirt, Marysville

Teresa Isner, Southwest Regional

Desalen Golla, Bexley/East

Harold Gibson, Southeast Regional

Melle Eldridge, Metro

Tony Caito, Bexley/East

John Boch, Northwest Regional

Tina Reisinger, New Albany/Gahanna

Denise Bohnert, New Albany/Gahanna

Cyndi Stone, Southwest Regional

Jennifer Bertagna, Polaris Regional


Debra Ayers, Northeast Regional

Dave Alarie, Anderson East Regional

Bryan Smith, Central Regional

Cynda Parkinson, Central Regional

Tony Mancini, Ohio Indiana West Regional

Nancy Folchi, Northeast Regional

Emilee Deems, Anderson East Regional

Vinni Brown, Anderson East Regional

Kristine Morgan, Northeast Regional

Pamela Kurtz, Hyde Park