AMP made a difference for new Ft. Lee agent

AMP works! Newly licensed agent Nah Young Park from the Ft. Lee office felt her AMP education helped her with a buyer whose offer was recently accepted. She reached out to say thanks to Real Estate Education Instructor Jimmy Rose. “Nahya” said:

Hi Jimmy, 

Just wanted to let you know that my buyer made an offer. It was accepted, and now we are in attorney review. Hopefully all goes smoothly, but I wanted to say thank you. The AMP class did help me a lot in dealing with him. He was a bit of a difficult buyer, but in the end, I was able to talk him through the process to make him feel better. Thanks again.


Nah Young “Nahya” Park | Sales Associate

AMP can make a difference for you, too. For more information and to register for AMP, visit Sales Pro via the NRT Gateway or Desk.