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In order to start fresh with the new brand and clear out years’ worth of outdated, unused materials on Xpressdocs, we will transition to a single Xpressdocs storefront the week of Feb. 24.

We currently have 24 company Xpressdocs websites filled with tens of thousands of templates that are no longer used. In fact, only 1% of the active templates had 50 or more orders last year. Reducing and consolidating materials into one storefront will make it easier to manage templates and share them nationally.

The national storefront will use the new Xpressdocs user interface and will initially include rebranded materials such as property marketing templates, stationery, agent marketing materials and Core 4 pieces. Consumer campaigns will be added at a later date.

Here are a few other key points about the upcoming transition:

  • Agents’ order history will not be transferred to the new storefront, but because of the rebrand, we do not recommend agents reorder from their history.
  • Agents’ saved headshots and mailing lists will automatically transfer.
  • Agents will receive a recovery link with instructions to download property photos and custom Upload Your Own templates. Instructions to follow.
  • Xpressdocs will have access to data after the transition, so if there are any issues with data recovery, a ticket can be opened via Xpressdocs support.
  • Agents whose custom templates were created in Design Concierge will receive rebranded templates to upload to Xpressdocs at no cost. If an agent’s custom templates need a refresh, encourage them to use Design Concierge.
  • Coupon codes, vouchers and store credits will not be transferred to the new storefront.