The NRT Gateway is going away for good on April 25, but you don’t have to wait to make the move to Desk. Here are 10 GREAT reasons you should start using Desk today:

  1. Desk is easy. Just visit (and bookmark) and take a look around. The intuitive design and simple navigation make it a snap to figure out, plus you can take a user tour to see all the features.
  2. It’s fully integrated. Whereas the Gateway is a portal linking you to things you need, Desk contains them all. One user name and password gives you access to everything.
  3. It’s your Desk, your way. Delete apps you rarely or never use, add ones you need the most and put them all in whatever order you want.
  4. Desk is organized. The categorized app menu means you can quickly find the app you’re looking for.
  5. Desk works where you do. A mobile-friendly design means it works for you when you’re on the go (and you’re always on the go).
  6. It keeps you up to date. Notifications let you know what’s new in Desk.
  7. It also keeps you InTouch. Improved InTouch delegation with an easy-to-use interface are just two of the recent agent-requested enhancements to Desk.
  8. Desk has live support. Use the chat function (available during business hours) to get answers to your questions in an instant.
  9. Help is always available. Want to brush up on your skills, learn a new tip or fully master Desk? Check out the Help Center, available April 18.
  10. Desk keeps getting better and better. We’re continually enhancing Desk based on your input.

Book and get started working on Desk today!