We’re hearing tons of positive feedback about Desk, the fully integrated productivity suite that replaces the NRT Gateway, but one thing you told us that needed to change was the look of the app cards.

App cards are what identifies each app on your home page. You wanted them to be redesigned so it would be faster and easier to find the apps you need. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Here’s a sneak peek:


Changes coming to the app card design include:

  • The title of the app will appear above the card instead of below, for intuitive top-to-bottom reading
  • The icon image on the card will more obviously represent the app, so you can find the app you need at a glance
  • The size of the app cards has been reduced to allow more cards to fit on a screen, reducing the need for scrolling
  • Links at the bottom of the page will now be blue, the color most associated with live links

Look for these updates when you log on mycbdesk.com April 25.