Have you been checking out This Month at Product (TMAP) for Agents? If so, you’re already taking advantage of this chance to learn about new products, see recent feature enhancements and even get a glimpse of some of our latest prototypes. The next TMAP for Agents presentation on May 22 will spotlight your CRM strategy and focus on optimizing the tools The Product Studio is continually developing and improving just for you!

To see for yourself what all the buzz its about, visit Desk and navigate to SalesPro so you can sign up for the May 22 webinar. If you’re passionate about the future of tech in our company, tune in this month and on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 2 pm ET (11 am PT). And remember, you can post questions and provide feedback on what you’d like us to cover in the future by visiting our Yammer group, “This Month at Product (TMAP) for Agents.” We’d love to hear from you!