September is REALTOR Safety Month, and CB Briefs is continuing to feature tips to help agents keep safety a top priority. As a real estate agent, you’re often showing properties to people you haven’t met before, so it’s important to guard your personal safety. A good practice is to ask a buyer to meet you at the office before visiting a property. You can then photocopy their identification and let office staff know where you’re going.

A first meeting is also a good time to use the FOREWARN for Real Estate mobile app and learn more about a prospect. FOREWARN can positively identify over 80% of prospective buyers, and it’s free with your SPARK membership! Using a buyer’s name or phone number, FOREWARN verifies their:

  • Identity
  • Criminal history
  • Financial risks (past and current bankruptcies)
  • Current assets, vehicle and property ownership
  • Additional phone numbers and address history

Learn more great tips for Showing Properties the Safe Way and join SPARK to access the FOREWARN for Real Estate mobile app (a value of $240 per year). To join, visit Desk > SPARK.