You are still working hard to help clients by finding ways to show properties virtually or meeting on Skype or video chat. So let clients know that although things are constantly changing, you are still there to assist them with our WE’RE HERE Social Media Campaign. This campaign includes:

  • 5 image assets that communicate your value
  • Sample social media copy (in a Word doc)
  • A template you can use to customize a graphic with your contact information, if you choose to do so. Instructions included.

Find these assets on the Social Media page of your intranet or on the COVID 19 – Coldwell Banker Realty Content Hub here. Go to the Social Media page or search “We’re Here Social”. Download the file and then upload the image(s) you’d like to use to your own social media accounts.

Please do not use the images below. These are samples only — download your copy from your intranet or the Content Hub.