One of the most common requests from agents has been, “Please send my agent profile from automatically to – this would save me so much time!”

Great news! We heard you loud and clear, and your agent profile content from will now feed automatically to beginning June 12 and will take a few days to fully update through the system. You’ll just need to maintain your profile on Admin, accessible via Desk, and all new or edited content will be sent daily to the brand website. For the vast majority of agents, no action is required.

If you decide to make edits to your profile via Zap or with the help of an admin or help desk rep, the program will assume you no longer want to be part of the syncing effort and your profile will lock. Moving forward, you would need to maintain the profile on your own.

If you’ve edited your profile or have had edits made, please watch for an email asking if you would like to use the automatic feed or continue maintaining both profiles separately.

Need help with your profile? Contact the NRT Help Desk at 877.NRT.HELP.