Mike Finnerty, an affiliated agent with the Minneapolis Parkway office, had 15 months of blissful, cancer-free living until February 14 of this year. On that date, his scan results showed very high markers for the return of cancer producing cells. Unfortunately, with Stage III colon cancer, which was Mike’s previous diagnosis, there is a very high percentage of cancer recurring.

Mike had a good year in business in 2018. He was able to pay back all the personal loans he had accumulated during his first round of fighting cancer in 2017 as well as all the medical bill balances that had accumulated during this same period.

He thought that he would begin 2019 free of cancer and debt and get to work making a plentiful living again. Mike currently has no cash reserves and is unsure how his next round of chemotherapy infusions will affect his overall ability to earn a consistent income in real estate.

Mike needs us to rally around him and ensure that his sole focus is his health and beating cancer AGAIN. Please consider giving, no matter the amount. Every penny is a penny he doesn’t have to worry about.

The Minneapolis Parkway office is planning additional fundraising events to help support Mike. If you are interested in donating, please contact McKenzee Hayes, marketing support specialist, or visit our We Like Mike GoFundMe page.


Agents enjoyed a taco bar lunch fundraiser sponsored by Guaranteed Rate Affinity for Mike Finnerty