Drive your sales using social selling on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram! This marketing concept helps bring attention to your listings – and can assist with building better client relationships. Here are some tips on how to incorporate social selling into your 2020 social media plan:

  • As a Coldwell Banker independent agent, you can bring your listings to the forefront on social media – and Coldwell Banker provides you with great tools to do just that! Social Ad Engine lets you spend smart and save time while promoting your listings on Facebook and Instagram, with campaigns based on your goals. To learn more, search Social Ad Engine on your intranet.
  • When posting listings on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, be sure to include a property description and link to the property’s website or pages so leads come back to you.
  • Respond to all comments in a timely manner – as those users can be potential clients or leads looking to buy that particular property or are interested in using you as their agent to sell their property.
  • Use LinkedIn to your advantage! Feature your blog stories on your profile and write articles directly on the site offering real estate tips and more. You will gain more reach by putting yourself on multiple social channels.