Absolutely, with Moxi Present! Promote your services to anyone, anywhere, whether you’re at an event, a party or even in line at the grocery store, use any screen to share an impressive up-to-the-minute presentation with your potential clients.

  • Illustrate market conditions with interactive charts.
  • Add video testimonials and neighborhood video tours.
  • Update presentations on the fly with real-time MLS data.
  • Share on any screen through the responsive design.

Ready to explore more ways Moxi Present can power up your presentations? Sign up on SalesPro or your local intranet for live webinars every Wednesday at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST. Visit your intranet for on-demand webinars, user guides and FAQ.

Don’t forget: Previous presentations on tools such as ToolkitCMA, Cloud CMA and Keynote will no longer be available after April 30. If you’ve created any custom agent pages, you should upload them as PDFs into Moxi Present — click here for a video showing how.