Over 50% of all Coldwell Banker Realty agents, with many of our offices at 100% are already signed up to get paid even faster. Go to the Direct Deposit tile on Desk to complete the enroll today. It can take 7-10 business days for the direct deposit to be active. Once active, if  your deal transaction is finalized before 5:30 pm ET, you will receive payment the very next business day. Yes, it’s that quick!

In addition, ExpressPay will be available on a rolling launch to metros in April. It will allow agents to see online what the estimated commission will be as soon as the listing goes under agreement, allowing them to budget earnings and track money.

NOTE: For areas where escrow/title companies pay you directly at closing, you may continue to receive your portion of the commission that way as you will be paid prior to the transaction being processed. However, be sure to sign up for Direct Deposit today or ExpressPay (when available)  for other payments that the company issues to you such as referrals, BPO’s and lease commission.