CB Briefs moving to News on Desk

Starting on April 6, we’re excited to announce the integration of CB Briefs into a newly created section on Desk called “News.” Without ever having to leave Desk, you will be able to view all your local and national announcements and news in one centralized location.

Below are some key new features we think you’ll love.

A. Pinterest-like layout allows you to quickly scroll and easily digest all company and local news
B. Tags to identify key messages in each article
C. Article “Likes” to indicate the most popular articles
D. Search functionality
E. Coming soon! Prioritized news with banners across articles that require immediate attention

What does this mean for the CB Briefs email?
You will continue to receive a CB Briefs email which is a consolidation of the most recent news. As a default, you will automatically receive the newsletter every day at noon ET.  You can modify your newsletter settings to a weekly newsletter that will be distributed at noon ET on Fridays. Be on the lookout for FAQs and additional information early next week.  

Note: The first newsletter will go out on Monday, April 6.