With Agent X making its debut a few months ago, now’s a great time for a refresher on what Agent X is and how it can make your day more productive. Agent X is free, easy use – and your word is its command!

Agent X – what it is:
Agent X is a Realogy-exclusive voice assistant designed to help you start your day with all the answers you need. Based on Amazon Alexa’s platform, agents can instantly get details about listing activity and appointments, personal performance and real estate headlines. This tech tool will make you a multitasking master by freeing up your time for more productivity.

How it works:
To access Agent X you’ll need an Amazon account, and you’ll be able to sign in with either an Amazon virtual assistant product or you can download the Alexa app on your smartphone. Once Agent X is up and running, you’ll have several key features available at your disposal, including:

  • Agent’s Daily Digest – “Start my day with Agent X”
    Get a personalized briefing of your listing activity, learn where you stand with an agent performance scorecard, or get top real estate headlines.
  • Agent’s Listings – “Ask Agent X for listing details of 22 Maple St.”
    Access your listings by specific status (new, active, pending, expiring), and get property details by address or MLS.
  • Agent’s Calendar – “Ask Agent X what’s my schedule for next Wednesday”
    Create an appointment, get meeting details, or look up your schedule within a timeframe.
  • Market Intel – “Get market intelligence for Flower Mound, Texas using Agent X”
    Powerful Realogy data about any city/ZIP code coast-to-coast.

Check it out:
To learn more about how to use this helpful tool, visit Desk > CB Exchange > search Agent X.