A new year is upon us and it’s the perfect time to make a fresh start on social media strategy for your real estate business. So, start strategizing in this first year of the new decade, and bring in awesome ideas to enhance your fans’ social media experience.

Share great content

Think about what type of content best suits your personality and social media goals – whether it’s videos, cool graphics, articles, real estate tips or client testimonials. Your social media content is telling your story as a real estate agent. Plus, Coldwell Banker provides lots of content for you!

Go to your intranet and search “Social Media.” You’ll find holiday or other campaign images and videos to download and share. Click on the social media icons in the footer and follow. We share great content every day that you can reshare on your own social media.

Set a goal

For example, tell yourself you’ll post 5 times per week. Posting frequently will enhance your social media presence, as well as increase the number of impressions and engagements you are receiving.  And, make sure to go into insights to track how your content is doing. From there, you can decide how frequently you want to post a specific type of content based on its performance.

Refresh your accounts

Don’t forget to update your profile with new headers, profile pics, info, etc., and be sure to always keep everything up to date. Did you know that the Coldwell Banker Design Concierge program provides social media headers for your channels? You can also find company-branded social media assets on your intranet. And, when you include relevant information like the areas you serve in your community, you can help boost your search engine optimization.

Use Facebook Ads

A great way to increase your reach is to use paid advertisements. Although Facebook has restricted some of its targeting capabilities, ads are king when it comes to social media. Promote your listings, real estate tips and more on Facebook and Instagram. And remember to monitor your ads to see how they are performing, so you can make any necessary adjustments to your budget and targeting.