El-Moussa speaks at Inman

Charles El-Moussa, president of Coldwell Banker Texas, appeared on stage at Inman Connect in New York City recently to speak about the success of our cataLIST quick-cash sale program. The program lets an owner of a qualifying property receive a cash offer, generally within one business day of providing the property information.

Within five days after receiving the cataLIST Cash Offer, the homeowner has the choice of accepting the offer or marketing the home for sale through the traditional listing process. If the sellers accept the cataLIST Cash Offer, the closing can generally occur in as few as 15 days, subject to obtaining clear title to the property. If the sellers do not accept the cataLIST Cash Offer, the offer will be automatically withdrawn, and the home will be marketed through the Coldwell Banker marketing program.

The cataLIST program gives the homeowner the flexibility to work with a fully trained and licensed market expert. With many other cash offer models, consumers lose the value and expert opinion a top real estate professional brings to the table. The cataLIST Program gives sellers the advantage of working with the same agent regardless of whether they choose the cash offer option or customary marketing provided for in the listing agreement.

Agents get are able to offer their customers either the great listing experience they have long provided or an alternative to the common sale model, one that is convenient and expedites the home sale process. The pilot program launched in the Dallas, Atlanta and Tampa markets last year, and Coldwell Banker NRT is exploring more opportunities across the country.