In an effort to be more efficient, the agent transaction cover form is being revamped so everyone can submit information in the same way across the country. This will be pilot tested starting today in Utah and on Feb. 25 for St. Louis, NJ and Long Island, and then rolled out to all in mid-March (Hawaii will come soon after that!)

  • The forms (Listing/Sales and Lease transaction cover forms) look different, but the information is what you already know and use.
  • The forms are more concise, understandable, eliminate unnecessary fields and align with the wording on the forthcoming (improved) agent commission check stub.
  • The transaction cover form has been modified to accommodate regional variances, and can be easily completed in your online forms program. Local lead admins have been involved in this process and will help lead the communications and digitizing process into your forms program.
  • Marketing and education teams will provide local education and communications as needed.

If you have any questions, please see your office administrator.