If you’re not already keeping in touch with your contacts regularly, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Especially in these unprecedented times, it’s important to reach out regularly and stay connected. We make it easy with our impactful sphere marketing program, Clients For Life, which automatically keeps you top-of-mind with your contacts every month.

We develop an annual calendar of awesome local events and activities that gives you the perfect reason to follow up with a phone call or an email to say hello. All you have to do is upload your contacts to Prospect Square and select your desired groups under the Clients For Life campaign settings. Then you’ll begin receiving previews of upcoming messages that will be sent to your clients each month.

Right now, we’re putting together some info and events intended to help you and your clients during the current situation. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Visit Desk > Prospect Square and access the On-Demand Video if you need a refresher or haven’t used Prospect Square before. Or check out this video tutorial: How to Add Contacts to Prospect Square. Please visit the Coldwell Banker Realty Hub for additional resources and tutorials.