Realogy is committed to protecting your financial information. As part of efforts to strengthen security, we are switching from the “PIN reset” method you now use to access your earnings and direct deposit information to the Okta MFA (multi-factor authentication) security system. This will add another layer of security to verify a user’s identity for those who may use a shared workstation.

Beginning Thursday, June 20, you will take these steps to access earnings and direct deposit:

  1. Log into agent earnings or direct deposit by clicking on application card on Desk
  2. Enter email address (i.e. username) and password if prompted
  3. After a successful login in previous step, enter the security code received on device set up for secure multi-factor authentication
  4. Upon successful, secure authentication, you will be redirected to home page

Please remember that every time you use either of these applications, you’ll need to reauthenticate, just as you did with the PIN method.

As always, the NRT Help Desk 877.NRT.HELP (877.678.4357) is available to answer any questions.