CB Design Concierge is a Coldwell Banker/NRT exclusive offering that makes the branding process easy. This platform allows you to use our design tools to create and enhance your personal brand in a way that allows you to be you.

CB Design Concierge was designed to:

  • Support your marketing efforts and allow you to uniquely brand yourself in the marketplace.
  • Help you create high-end marketing materials, giving you a competitive edge.

There are currently five products available for purchase:

  1. Logo design
  2. Business card design
  3. Professional profile (written bio)
  4. Agent personal brochure design
  5. Social media graphics package (branded homepage banner designs).

The site also offers custom design services that allow you to work with professional designers and copywriters one-on-one from concept and design to final execution.

To learn more, search keyword “Design Concierge” on AgentNet to find videos and FAQs.

To get started, go to CBDesignConcierge.com, select Products from the dropdown menu and simply choose your project.