Friendly, efficient service is central to building and maintaining your client relationships. That’s why Property Frameworks created two new features – Fast Pay and Eviction Assistance – to help you secure more referrals, listings and clients.

With Fast Pay, your clients will no longer dread the first of the month commission! Fast Pay is the quickest way for them to access their rental income. Now, your clients have the option of spreading their leasing commission over a 12-month lease term. And, don’t worry. Your commission will be paid just as it always has.

Eviction Assistance is now included as part of the monthly management fee – giving your clients even more bang for their buck. Evictions can take time and, if done improperly, even end up costing the property owners money! Eviction Assistance covers the court cost of the initial eviction filing for non-payment of rent. Property Frameworks will act swiftly, and because of its experience with the local legal requirements, can help restore your client’s rental income stream sooner than if they did it themselves.

For more information on Property Frameworks, visit your local intranet.