Add value with new Buyer Tour on Moxi

There’s a new feature coming on May 20 to Moxi that shows the added value you bring to your clients: the Buyer Tour. You’ll be able to maximize your buyers’ time, keep track of their feedback and make the home search process easier and more efficient. The Buyer Tour presentation features:

  • A location map that displays properties in the order you plan to visit
  • Full property details for each listing
  • Property ratings and reviews – a five-star rating tool and text box to record comments
  • Drive-time calculator and Google Maps directions between listings
  • Agent view of client feedback comments on each listing

The Buyer Tour presentation is easy to create in just a few steps beginning with your starting location, then searching for available properties by neighborhood or by MLS number and choosing those you want to visit. The presentation displays them in a property visit order route (that you can change) with all the features described above. Finally, select your presentation pages to appear in the order you prefer.

To see an overview of how the Buyer Tour presentation works, watch this brief video. Learn more by registering for a May 20 webinar via SalesPro!