If you aren’t already receiving your commissions via direct deposit, NRT encourages you to enroll in direct deposit as soon as possible so you can begin enjoying these key benefits:

  • Your commission check will be in your bank account at least 24 hours sooner than with a paper check.
  • You won’t have to worry about delivery delays or lost checks.
  • It’s simple and easy, as well as more secure, because NRT employees do NOT have access to your bank account information and there’s no risk of having a check misplaced, stolen or sent to a previous address.
  • You won’t have to waste time depositing your check at a bank branch, ATM or online
  • Direct deposit is a free service.
  • A statement showing the same details that are on your current paystub will be emailed to you the day your deposit is processed.
  • Even though many of your payments may be issued by title, you will benefit from direct deposit on any referral or lease business or if you are due additional funds after closing.
  • Helping the environment by going green.
  • Enrollment can be completed online from anywhere using your NRT Gateway log-in.

To learn how to enroll in direct deposit, visit your local intranet.